It’s good to know that you’ve got your Aussiedoodle! They are very intelligent dogs with an eye for detail and a passion for people. If you have a question about what kind of food to feed your dog, you have come to the right place. Depending on your dog’s life stage and the quality of the ingredients, your choice of food should be based on your dog’s nutrition needs.

All dogs need food with a moderate amount of fat and good carbs, as well as ingredients that are close to the natural source as possible. Along with the reviews of each one, here are the foods we chose that reflected the criteria.

The 10 Best Dog Foods for Aussiedoodles in 2023

Acana Wholesome Grains Red Meat Recipe – Best Overall

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Main ingredients:Beef, deboned pork, beef meal, oat groats, whole sorghum
Protein content:27%
Fat content:17%
Calories:3370 kcal/kg
This food is not grain-free and we think it is the best overall food for Aussiedoodles. Whole oats, oats groats, and millet are good sources of fiber. The first three ingredients are beef and pork as opposed to a plant source or meat by-product, which is great for nutrition, and there are even more meat ingredients further down on the list.

Chicken is a common dog food allergy, and we like how Acana uses beef instead of it. Gut health is one of the most important factors in your dog’s overall health.

The only bad thing about this food is that you can’t usually find it in the supermarket, so you’ll need to add it to your order or go to the pet store to purchase it.

  • Gluten-free, yet contains wholesome whole grains
  • Beef and pork recipe
  • Relatively inexpensive for high-quality ingredients
  • Contains taurine and probiotics
  • Not available in most supermarkets

Nutro Ultra Large Breed – Best Value

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Main ingredients:Chicken, Chicken Meal, Whole Grain Brown Rice, Whole Grain Sorghum, Whole Grain Barley
Protein content:22%
Fat content:13%
Calories:3566 kcal/kg

If you don’t like online shopping, Nutro Ultra is the best food for Aussies for the money and is also available in most stores. Natural ingredients aren’t genetically modified, that’s what we like about Nutro. Chicken by-product meal is not the same as the food that contains chicken meal.

Chicken meal is ground-up muscle tissue, but chicken by-product meal is the leftovers after the food has been eaten. Chicken by-product meals can be questionable, so pet owners often try to avoid them. Nutrition from high-quality meat, fruits, vegetables, and healthy whole grains such as brown rice and whole-grain oats can be found in Nutro Ultra.

Like Acana Wholesome Grains, Nutro Ultra uses top-quality grains while keeping their product wheat-free. There is a healthy blend of 15 fruits and vegetables, but we wish it also included some supplements such as taurine and probiotics.

  • Affordable
  • Available in most supermarkets
  • Uses high-quality, non-GMO ingredients
  • Contains chicken meal, but no chicken by-product
  • Chicken is the main ingredient, which may be an allergen concern for some dogs
  • Lacks taurine
  • No probiotics

Merrick Healthy Grains Raw-Coated Kibble Real Beef + Brown Rice Recipe Freeze-Dried Dry Dog Food– Premium Choice

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Main ingredients:Deboned Beef, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Turkey Meal, Barley
Protein content:28%
Fat content:15%
Calories:3,640 kcal/kg

It is possible for your dog to eat a little closer to his natural diet with this freeze-dried raw food. We like the way beef is the first ingredient, followed by chicken, turkey, and whole grains. Potato, peas, and lentils are not included in this formula due to the fact that they might not be helpful. It is easy to order on Chewy and can be found in some pet stores. Our only regret is that it is a little more expensive than the dry, processed foods on our list.

  • Formed from freeze-dried, raw ingredients
  • Features healthy whole grains
  • Includes taurine
  • Contains probiotics
  • Avoids pea protein
  • More expensive than dry, processed kibble
  • Contains chicken, which is a common dog food allergen

Acana Wholesome Grains Puppy – Best for Puppies or Kittens

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Main ingredients:Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Oat Groats, Whole Sorghum, Whole Millet
Protein content:28%
Fat content:19%
Calories:3,540 kcal/kg

We are happy that Acana made a puppy version of our best choice. Your new puppy is going to love this formula. Turkey and catfish are included further down the list, and the first ingredient is deboned chicken. A good serving of fiber is provided by oats, oat groats, and millet, and pumpkin and squash are excellent vegetable additions. We like the fact that this food doesn’t use artificial ingredients and avoids using peas, potatoes, and lentils. The supplements that are a plus are taurine, vitamins, and probiotic supplements.

  • Gluten-free while including good sources of whole grains
  • Features three types of meat proteins (chicken, turkey, fish)
  • Includes taurine and probiotics
  • Chicken is the main ingredient

Nulo Frontrunner Ancient Grains Turkey, Trout & Spelt Adult Dry Dog Food– Vet’s Choice

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Main ingredients:Deboned Turkey, Chicken Meal, Oats, Barley, Turkey Meal
Protein content:27%
Fat content:16%

Chicken, fish, and turkey meat make up 23% of the food in Nulo, but they make up the majority of the nutrition. This formula is loaded with vitamins and includes taurine and probiotics, which we love. Pea protein is a common ingredient in dog food, but recent studies show that it may be linked to heart disease. Some stores may have limited availability of this food on Chewy. Thankfully, the price seems reasonable for a high-quality product.

  • 77% of the protein content comes from chicken, turkey, and fish
  • Includes taurine
  • Features probiotics
  • Avoids pea protein
  • Chicken is one of the main ingredients, which may be a problem for some dogs
  • May not be available in all stores

The Farmer’s Dog

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Main ingredients:Pork, sweet potatoes, potatoes, green beans, cauliflower
Protein content:36%
Fat content:28%

If you want to feed your dog food that is minimally cooked, frozen, and shipped to your door, The Farmer’s Dog could be the plan for you. Some customers might be encouraged by the subscription plan, but others might be discouraged. On the other hand, the food is tailored to your dog’s needs according to breed, size, and health conditions. It is not possible to pick it up at the store or to order it from Chewy. The Farmer’s Dog is grain-free, but not necessary for the general population because it is great for pets with medically diagnosed grain allergies.

  • Real food
  • Fresh, human-grade ingredients
  • A subscription-based plan tailored to your dog’s needs
  • Not available on Chewy or in any stores
  • A little more costly than most
  • Grain-free, which is unnecessary for most dogs

Wellness Core Digestive Health 7+ Chicken and Brown Rice – Best Choice for Seniors

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Main ingredients:Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Barley, Pea Protein
Protein content:28%
Fat content:10.5%
Calories:3,336 kcal/kg

The needs of senior dogs are different than those of their younger life stages. At this time in their lives, they need less fat than they used to because weight gain can be problematic. A lot of vitamins and minerals can be found in this formula, even though it doesn’t meet the lower fat requirements for senior dog food. We like the fact that this food included both taurine and probiotics, as well as prebiotics, for better digestion. We are not crazy about the pea protein listed as one of the main ingredients due to the potential heart disease concerns, but overall everything else about the food looked beneficial.

  • Meets a senior dog’s need for a low-fat food
  • Features probiotics and prebiotics for extra digestive support
  • Contains pea protein
  • Chicken is the main ingredient, which may be an allergen for some dogs

Taste of the Wild Ancient Streams with Ancient Grains

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Main ingredients:Salmon, Salmon Meal, Ocean Fish Meal, Grain Sorghum, Millet
Protein content:30%
Fat content:15%
Calories:3,640 kcal/kg

This is a good choice for an Australian dog who needs to avoid chicken and turkey. Salmon is good for your furry coat because it is rich in Omega 3s. This food has a good blend of vitamins and minerals, as well as taurine and Probiotics. It is possible that Taste of the Wild isn’t as easy to find in stores. Bigger chains probably won’t carry it, but some independent pet stores do.

  • Salmon is the main protein source
  • Includes taurine
  • Includes probiotics
  • Not available in big chain stores

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-free Recipe

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Main ingredients:Salmon, Ocean Fish Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Peas
Protein content:25%
Fat content:15%
Calories:3,600 kcal/kg

If you have a food allergy, this is a good choice because it avoids meat and all grains. Peas are one of the main ingredients, but they are not crazy about salmon being one of its main ingredients. We like the fact that taurine and probiotics are included. The primary reason this one wasn’t higher on the list is that it’s grain-free, but we realize it might be the perfect choice for a dog who needs this diet for medical purposes Similar to other food by Taste of the Wild, you can find it on Chewy and some pet stores, but few chain stores will carry it.

  • Salmon is the main ingredient
  • Contains taurine
  • Includes probiotics
  • A good chicken-free, grain-free choice for dogs who may be sensitive
  • Peas are one of the top five ingredients
  • Not available in all stores

Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Pork & Applesauce Dry Dog Food

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Main ingredients:Pork, Pork Meat Meal, Oatmeal, Pearled Barley, Pea Protein
Protein content:24%
Fat content:14%
Calories:3,613 kcal/kg

If you’re looking for an alternative source of food for your dog, this might be a good option. Fromm is a family-owned company five generations strong, and their food has only been recalled once for potentially too much vitamin D, which is an impressive claim in the world of dog food. We were impressed with the fruits, vegetables, and healthy supplements.

Pea protein is one of the top five ingredients and we don’t like that. The only reason that Fromm wasn’t higher on the list is that it’s difficult to find. You can find this food at a pet store, but it is listed on Amazon for a much higher price than you would find in a store.

If you are lucky enough to find it at a local pet store, you will most likely buy at a price average or below the price of other comparable brands.

  • Pork is the first ingredient
  • Good source of whole grains
  • Contains taurine
  • Includes probiotics
  • Family-owned company which undergoes rigorous quality checks
  • Contains pea protein
  • Can be a little hard to find in-stores and online

Buyer’s Guide: Picking the Best Dog Foods for Aussiedoodles

While there are no breed-specific requirements for food, there are several things you should consider when searching for the best food for your Australian dog. The criteria we looked for when choosing food to review and some points to include in your own research are included here.

1. Look for wholesome ingredients as close to nature as you can find them.

This is the reason we likedThe Farmer’s DogandMerrick Real Beef and Brown Rice Freeze-Dried Food. The only downside is that human-grade or raw food tends to be pricier than dry food. At the very least, we recommend finding food that doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients and is minimally processed.

2. Avoid grain-free foods unless recommended by your vet.

You might notice our list may look a little different than some because we don’t recommend many grain-free foods. This is because dog allergies are more likely to be related to a common protein, such as chicken, rather than grains.

Recent studiesshow a strong correlation between dogs on grain-free diets and dogs who develop dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), a heart condition that decreases blood flow. While more studies need to be done before we draw any definite conclusions, we decided to play it safe and only offer a few grain-free reviews for the pups who are medically required to be on a gluten-free diet.

3. Avoid pea protein if possible.

Recent studieshave linked pea protein to heart disease in dogs. A few products we reviewed have pea protein because it can be tough to avoid this ingredient altogether, but we always mentioned it in the list of cons.

4. Consider the specific nutritional needs for different life stages.

Puppies require a different type of food than adults that’s higher in fat. Seniors sometimes have a hard time maintaining a healthy weight and could benefit from low-fat,low-calorie foodfor dogs aged 7+. Normal, adult dog food should have balanced portions of protein, fat, and carbs.


Acana Wholesome Grains Red Meat Recipe is the best overall dog food because it features high-quality meats, is relatively affordable, and is not grain-free. The second place dog food was thought to be the best food for the price.

We chose Acana Wholesome Grains Puppy because it is the same formula as our overall best choice, but for young pups. Nulo Frontrunner Ancient Grains was our vet’s choice as our fifth pick.

This food had a good source of fiber through whole grains, and it featured a lot of meat. All of the foods we reviewed have good qualities, but you should talk to your vet about their individual needs in order to find the best food for your dog.

The sources are reliable.



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