Do you notice your dog begging you for a piece of pomelo fruit? Pomelo is a favorite food of many dogs. Is it safe to give your pet pomelo food? What amount can you feed your pet? What are the potential health risks and benefits? Let’s get to the bottom of it and find out.

What is Pomelo?

Pomelo, also called Chinese grapefruit, pummelo, or shaddock, is a citrus fruit that resembles a grapefruit. Pomelos can be quite large—some are even the size of watermelons! They have a lemony flavor with more sweetness than grapefruits.

Pomelo is a citrus fruit that looks very similar to a grapefruit. It is sometimes called “Chinese grapefruit” because of this similarity. Other names for pomelo include “pummelo,” “pumelo,” and “shaddock.” These fruits can be massive in size; while most are close to the size of grapefruits, some can rival watermelons! In terms of flavor, pomelo has lemony notes and is sweeter than grapefruit.

Is Pomelo Safe For Dogs?

Yes, pomelo is safe for dogs to eat. However, as with any other fruit, there are some guidelines to making sure you don’t overdo it.

Pay attention, because this is super important. You can feed your dog the flesh of the pomelo safely, but not the toxic seeds, leaves or skin.

If you’re not sure whether or not to give your dog pomelo, always err on the side of caution and consult with your veterinarian first. They will be able to advise you on how much, if any, pomelo is safe for your dog to consume.

Health Benefits of Pomelo for Dogs

Though you may not have heard of it, pomelo is a citrus fruit that is safe for dogs to eat and can actually be beneficial to their health in small quantities.

Pomelo is rich in protein, fiber, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin C, copper, and potassium. If your dog has digestive issues, getting more fiber can help increase regularity. The protein helps your dog maintain healthy muscles.

Additionally, pomelo contains the antioxidants naringenin and naringin, which help fight oxidative stress. Meanwhile, the lycopene in pomelo (also an antioxidant), helps to lower inflammation.

How Much Pomelo Can Your Dog Eat?

Pomelo can be safely eaten by your dog and it will still provide you with some great benefits! But how much is a healthy amount?

Like many other fruits, pomelo has a fair amount of sugar in it. It is also acidic. Dogs that are given too much food can develop digestive problems. Making large portions a regular thing could also lead to weight gain.

No more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet should comprise treats or snacks for some context. But no, that does not mean your dog should get 10% of his daily calories from pomelo. A few bites a couple of times a week is appropriate.

Note: Some Citruses are Toxic to Dogs.

Are you grabbing a grapefruit now to feed to your pup? Stop now! Even though dogs can eat pomelo, they cannot eat some other types of citrus fruit, like grapefruit and lemon. These fruits are toxic to your pet.

Always do your research before feeding your pet a new fruit, even if it seems similar to another fruit! You can look up any fruit you are wondering about right here on our site.

How to Feed Pomelo to Your Dog

  1.  Pomelo has a thick rind your pet cannot eat. So, use a series of notches to peel it away.
  2.  Cut out a small section of the fruit’s flesh.
  3.  Check the section carefully for seeds. If you find any, throw them away.
  4.  Present the pomelo to your dog.

Can a Dog Be Allergic to Pomelo?

Now you’re able to tell how much pomelo your dog can eat. Wait, could your pet be allergic?

Some dogs could be allergic to a particular food. Although your dog won’t be allergic to pomelo, it is important to be careful when you introduce new foods.

Begin slowly and watch out for signs of allergic reactions. These could include itching, paw and ear infections, facial swelling, indigestion, and itching.

Are you unable to see them? Awesome. Pomelo is not an allergy in your dog. Now you can give your dog a larger amount of pomelo and make it a daily treat.

Conclusion: The Flesh of the Pomelo Fruit is Safe for Your Dog in Small Amounts

That’s it! Now you know that pomelo can be safe for dogs when consumed in small amounts and has potential health benefits. Enjoy this delicious citrus fruit and your best friend!

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